Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 things I love about myself

This month has been a bit of a rollercoaster.  A lot of ups and downs, mentally and emotionally.  Last week, I stumbled upon Holly's post about the things she loves about herself and Whitney's post about self-love. I thought a post similar to Holly's might help me join in Whitney's mission. I decided it might be a nice thing to do for myself.

This is me ...

And here is what I love about me ...

1 ::  My eyes -- Everyone expects gingers to have blue or brown eyes. I have green. And I've always thought they were an interesting shade of green too.  I also really like the shape of them.

2 ::  My ability to talk to strangers -- If I'm out and about by myself, I will almost always find someone to chat with.  This probably seems odd for an introvert, especially one as shy as I am (introvertedness and shyness are not the same thing).  I'm still no good at small talk, but each time I venture out alone, I get to practice.

3 ::  I'm thoughtful -- I like to do nice things for people. They might not be expensive or extravagant, but I think the little gestures go a lot further anyway.

4 ::  I'm a good listener -- I may not always have answers for my friends' problems, but I will always give them an ear and my time.  Sometimes, that's all someone needs.

5 ::  My curiosity -- I like learning new things and getting to know new people always feels like an adventure.

6 ::  I'm loyal -- If we're friends, I will be your friend until you give me a reason not to be.  Sometimes even several reasons.

7 ::  I'm independent -- I have lived alone for the better part of the last 12 years, including four years in Texas -- hundreds of miles from my parents -- and a short stint as a homeowner. I've learned how to be very self-sufficient in a lot of ways.

8 ::  I'm a writer -- I may not be a career writer or even a good writer, but I'm still a writer.  I have an outlet and a love of putting words together to express something or tell a story.

9 ::  My work ethic -- I was born and raised in Iowa, and the Midwestern work ethic has always been celebrated. I also grew up in a home where both parents worked very hard.  Two layoffs also helps one appreciate having a job and not take anything for granted.

10 ::  I have a tender heart -- This one gets me hurt. A lot.  There are times I wish I didn't feel so much or so strongly.  But when I really think about it, I know this is what makes me a better friend, daughter, sister, etc., so changing it is not an option.

What do you love about yourself?


  1. You're just all around awesome, Micah :) I love that you are able to point out these things about yourself that you love!! Loving yourself is so important.

  2. Love this! I'm stealing it for a day when I have on ideas on what to write about, but still feel like writing.

    I think you're pretty awesome. Anyone who drinks good beer is a +1 in my book!

  3. Love your blog! I think this is such a fun idea! It's nice to point out positive things in ourselves when media and our own self worth can tear us down. Great job!

  4. I think this is such a great idea! I might have to steal it!

  5. You are good people! I love this post!! :)


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