Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Running for River

I've never done a virtual race before.  But I've found the perfect excuse for my first.

This is River:
Photo courtesy of the Run for River Facebook page
I mean, look at that sweet face!

A little background from the Raising River Facebook page :
River Thomas is the son of Matt and April Thomas. He was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy at 8 months old (secondary to a Grade 4 brain bleed). River will soon be 3 years old and cannot sit up or hold his head up on his own, crawl, walk, or talk. He requires a feeding tube, several daily meds, braces for his legs and feet, a gait trainer, and wheelchair. A local home builder is helping to build an accessible home for River and his family and all profits from the 5K will go towards that fund. 

And now a little bit about why River is important to me:
I became friends with his mama, April, a little over ten years ago thanks to a shared love of several musicians.  She is one of the sweetest and strongest people I know.  She also has a huge heart, incredible integrity, and a faith that blows my mind on a regular basis.  I remember when she first met her husband, Matt, and I've loved watching her little ones -- Briley and River -- grow via Facebook.  She is a wonderful friend and an even better mother.  I cannot imagine the challenges she faces daily, mostly because she doesn't talk about them very much. April is not a complainer and she doesn't believe in pity parties.  She loves her life and her family, and I'm glad they're having a chance to get into a home that will be the perfect place for River to continue his journey.

I can't be in Alabama, but I still wanted to do my part.  I will be running a 5K where I live.  Due to some plans, it might be a day earlier or a day later, but I will do it.  I've already signed up.

So ... do you want to join me in a virtual 5K? Click here to get registered.

By the way, April has to place the t-shirt order tomorrow (April 3), so if you want one, you should sign up ASAP!

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