Tuesday, April 29, 2014

True Life: I like crime documentary shows

I just thought you all should know about one of my secret obsessions.  Well, obviously it's not a secret anymore.  But I love watching crime documentary shows.

At various points in my life, I've been obsessed with "Dateline: NBC," "48 Hours," "Unsolved Mysteries" (I know, that one's way out there ... and also would scare me to death), "Dr. G, Medical Examiner," "City Confidential," and "To Catch a Predator" (I still really miss this one).  I love watching how detectives solved murders, kidnappings, and other terrible events.  More than that, I love seeing how the story unfolds over time.  That must be the journalist in me.  I don't know.

Back when I had cable, I could turn on the ID Channel anytime of day and be sucked into some kind of marathon.  Alas, I don't have anything beyond regular network channels now, but my Netflix queue still feeds this addiction.  Here are a few of the shows in there:

I just added this one over the weekend and even sped through three episodes on Sunday -- about the DC Sniper, the shooting of John Lennon, and Andrea Yates.  There are some great interviews with people who worked on some of the biggest headline stories.

A series about violent murders that happen in small, quiet towns in America.

This one highlights high profile crime in cities and how they're solved.

A glimpse at high profile cases through interviews with FBI agents and detectives.

OK, now that you probably all think I'm a sociopath ... what quirky or obscure TV genre finds its way into your queue/DVR?


  1. Okay, I am going to admit this to you. I watch a LOT of ID when Joe isn't around. I love it! I am semi-obsessed with it and HGTV. It is actually so bad that when I am out pretty much anywhere I sometimes have that running thought in my mind, I could disappear right now and this will be the last time anyone sees me and what will they say when I walk away into the woods never to be seen again? Yep, I am a fellow addict. LOL

  2. Depending on the day... I totally still watch cartoons from time to time, I love shows like My Strange Addiction and Hoarders and My 600lb Life... TLC is just terrible for my brain. I definitely watch Ghost Adventures too... stop judging me.

  3. I watch 48 Hours religiously, and I used to watch Snapped back in the day too. I'll have to check these out!!


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