Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Humpday confessions

I thought this week would be a little easier than last week, and so far it kind of is.  I still have a lot of commitments going on, but at least I've had a little more time at home beyond what I spend sleeping.  That's an improvement.

Regardless, it's time for some confessions.  Shall we get started?

Vodka and Soda

OK, Ryan ... if you insist.

++ I am totally wearing pink today for the 10th anniversary of "Mean Girls."
I love that movie.  Then again, I'm a big fan of Tina Fey, so it makes sense. 

++ I have accepted that I might be a morning person.  
It's not that I like getting up early, but whenever I get up, I'm usually personable.  Maybe even friendly.  I know it's not trendy or cool to claim to be a morning person, but I am who I am.  I'm learning to just own up to what I am even if it doesn't endear me to others.

++ I have not done well on this month's Wallet Watch.
I started out really good, but the end of the month has been disaster.  I'm almost afraid to own up to all my spending, but I promised honesty, so I will.

++ I have no solid plans for the weekend, and I'm really excited about it.
I don't have a lot of downtime in the month ahead, so I'm going to savor every spare moment alone I get.  Introverting at its finest.  (No, "introverting" isn't a word ... but I'm trying.)

++ Sometimes I feel like my blog is boring because I'm not planning a wedding or having a baby.
There are tons of bloggers on my timeline who fall into the aforementioned categories, and I get a little jealous of all their comments.  Then again, I'm kind of fine not having the stress of planning a wedding or preparing to raise a child.  Instead, I can just drink beer and focus on training for my next race.  So, maybe it all balances out?

++ I'm still essentially a 15-year-old when it comes to dating, guys, and flirting.
I don't feel like further explanation is necessary, but ... I'll ramble anyway.  I have no idea how to flirt with guys.  And when someone I'm interested in is near, I tend to kind of act like I don't notice them even though my heart starts beating faster and I get all warm and jittery.  Gah. It's so dumb.

++ I'm running a 10K in about six weeks and I don't feel nearly ready enough.
Blame it on my busy schedule and Mother Nature's tantrums.  I just haven't been able to get outside for some long runs and I cannot stand doing more than about four miles on a treadmill.

++ I'm currently in the midst of that #100HappyDays challenge on Instagram, and a lot of my photos are of beer or food. And I'm not even a little sorry about that.
No further commentary needed.  But you can follow me here if you want to see what I'm drinking makes me happy.

 What are some of your confessions?


  1. i failed completely at any kind of budget / wallet watch this month. like, really, really, really, REALLY failed. i am totes wearing pink today. boom. love tina fey. im not planning a wedding or having a baby either, no shits! i hate the treadmill, so i feel ya. i did a half marathon a couple weekends ago that i absolutely did not train for. oops.

  2. i failed miserably with wallet watch and threw in the towel 2wks into it ;( but in june is my next attempt!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I failed with the wallet watch too...badly! I am definitely a morning person, I can't even help it. Once I am out of bed I am good to go but most people hate it!

  4. I think if you can get to run even just 4 miles one or two times before your 10K you should be in good shape! The adrenaline of race day will help push you through :)

    I feel the same sometimes about my blogs because I don't get many topics daily. But honestly, I always come back to the fact that it's just MY blog and if I'm writing just for me then that's ok!

  5. I totally get the bloggy thing. I do fashion and beauty posts, and I feel like if i'm not a high end fashion blogger its not kool or something. But whatever, I put a lot of work into my posts, so if they don't like it buh bye haha!! :) XOXO


  6. I confess that I agree with almost all of these. Totally rockin the pink, I'm kind of a morning person, am excited to have no weekend plans, & I feel like I don't know how to flirt & that I might have a boring blog because nothing major is happening in my life. Totally doing wallet watch next month. I was doing the 100 happy days but had a particularly unhappy day & stopped & just never picked it back up. I should just start over.

  7. I've had to accept being a morning person as well. I hate actually getting out of bed, but once I'm up I'm ready to go. My mom still doesn't believe it.

  8. I totally crashed and burned on the Wallet Watch. Epic fail.
    And I feel like a boring blogger because I do have a husband and kids! I feel like the old lady that's settled and no fun. No one wants to hang out with the mom. But I refuse to wear mom jeans or drive a minivan! "I'm not like a regular mom; I'm a cool mom" <--- Means Girls shout out for the win!

  9. I am wearing pink today too! I'm a morning person too, the earlier I wake up the better mood I am in and the more I get accomplished. Not to mention I can't stay up past 10 p.m. without looking/acting like a zombie. I wanted to do the Wallet Watch, but I knew that I would fail miserably so I went ahead and didn't ha ha.

  10. I am definitely not a morning person. I have to wake up super early for work, but I dread it every day. Give me the night. :)


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