Friday, May 2, 2014

Try a spin class - CHECK!

One of my fitness goals for this year was to try a spin class.  As of last Friday, I can officially cross that off my list.  And I love crossing things off lists, so that's excellent!

Honestly, I was going to take last Friday off from working out, but then one of my favorite local instructors posted that she was going to be subbing for spin on Friday morning.  Since I truly believe instructors make all the difference and I wanted to try spin, I decided to check it out.

I arrived a few minutes early for class and there were only a few people there.  Then again, it was 5:30 a.m., so the gym isn't too busy at that time anyway (which is why I kind of like it).  The instructor recognized me and came over to help me adjust the seat on my bike.  Apparently this is a really big thing and once we got started, I understood.  

It was a really tough class. 

The part where we stand to pedal is HARD.  Clearly, even though I run all the time, cycling uses completely different muscles.  It's a good thing the instructor told me to kind of go at my own pace and sit down when I needed because I definitely couldn't hang with the others in the class the entire time.

Also, the seat on the bike was not comfortable.  More than that, it just didn't agree with my body.  My butt hurt for DAYS after the class.  Everyone tells me bike shorts and time will help with that.  So, apparently I need to buy some bike shorts and keep going back.

The music the instructor had chosen was awesome.  It kept me interested in the class and (much like other classes that incorporate music) the style of riding changed with each track. 

All in all, I think it was a good 45-minute class. I could see myself doing spin once a week.  After I get bike shorts, of course.

Are you familiar with spin?  Do you have any other advice for me?


Last week's workouts
Friday: Spin class in the morning (45 mins.) + Zumba party in the evening (80 mins.)
Saturday: 2-mile walk (40 mins.)
Sunday: Off.
Monday: Zumba at home (30 mins) + Rangers workout game (45 mins.)

Tuesday: 3-mile treadmill run (35 mins.) + 0.5-mile treadmill walk (10 mins.)

Wednesday: Off.
Thursday: 3-mile treadmill run (35 mins.) + 0.5-mile treadmill walk (10 mins.)


 Total as of 4/18
1004 minutes

We're just over halfway to the finish of this challenge, and I'm just over halfway in terms of minutes.  I've totally got this!



  1. I don't know if I'd ever really enjoy a Spin class but I wouldn't mind trying it once just to see! Good for you for going!! :)

  2. straight up, the seats of the bikes numbs my crotch. when i did spin when i went to the gym, i used to buy and wear those thick brick maxi pads circa 1970s for added cushioning!! the way you sit is also really important; try and keep in mind to always sit back on the spongy part of the seat. when we get tired, our form starts to go and we tend to slide forward and sit on the skinny part of the seat which has zero cushion.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. The first time I ever went to the spin class - totally the same! My butt hurt for days! But after my third time going it went down drastically and then it didn't bother me at all. So, stick with - it really will stop hurting after a while. I really think what makes spin so much fun for me is who the instructor is! Whenever I have someone who is pumped up & having a good time, I'm all in. But I've had some seriously lackluster ones too and I'm like no thanks.


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