Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bachelorette party weekend

This past weekend, I helped host a bachelorette party for my good friend, Ashley, who will be getting married this upcoming weekend.  Yeah, so now you know why I've been so busy and a bit MIA lately. 

It's amazing how much work goes into a wedding ... and it's not even mine.  I can only imagine that the work and time I've put in is only a fraction of what Ashley, Wes, and their families have committed.  But the big day is coming up soon and then it'll be time to stop planning and preparing and just have fun!

The bride and maid of honor.
Fun was definitely had this past weekend at Ashley's bachelorette party.

We started out with a lingerie shower where there were some sexy gifts ...

She got a little silly, but this is the set I gave her.

... and a few games ...
Pin the kiss on the hunk is played blindfolded. The bride's "kiss" landed on his crotch. Ha!

... and then had dinner at Exile Brewing Company ...
I got to try their new IPA with my favorite dish there -- bacon-infused mac and cheese.
... and then went to The Garden Nightclub for a drag show ...
The bride-to-be got to go up on stage for a toast.

All in all, it was a fantastic night.  The bride had a blast, and I think everyone else did too.  And boy, was I relieved. I was so stressed over this event.  I may have had a few meltdowns.  But it's over and it was fun.  That's all that matters.

Now I just have to finish a special gift for the bride and write my maid of honor speech.  I'm so not good at public speaking. Any tips or advice?

P.S.  Today is the LAST DAY to enter this giveaway!! I'll announce a winner tomorrow.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I love that y'all went to a drag show!

    Tips for public speaking: Practice giving your speech in the mirror, so you can see what you look like. I may ridiculous faces when I'm talking so it helps keep me in check. Also, if you can record yourself to see how fast you're talking - that's helped me. Because when we get nervous we tend to speed up. You're going to do great though!

  2. LOVE the drag show idea instead of a strip club! Different and fun :) Looks like you pulled off a great event and had a fun time, too!!


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