Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A little hair help needed (+ a giveaway winner)

I am not very experimental with my hair.  I typically leave it all down, pull it all up, or just put half back in a barrette.  This Saturday, I will have someone else to do my hair for the wedding I'm in that evening.  But I haven't yet decided what to have them do.  Think you can help me?

For what it's worth, my dress will be strapless and the wedding and reception are outside.  So far the weather forecast is showing upper 70s with 70 percent humidity and winds at 10 mph.  With that much humidity, there's no point in straightening my hair, so I'm going with the curls.

Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest that I like.


Do you like any of these?  
Please give me your input.  
And if you feel like Pinteresting for me, feel free to share any good ones you might find! 
I'm open to suggestions and recommendations.


Oh, and before I forget ... it's time to announce a winner for the copy of Flat-Out Love.

I only had four entries, so I used number generator.

So the winner is:

So, I hope The Girl Who Loved to Write is reading this post so she can email me with her address so I can send her prize.  (I can't lie ... I'm a little jealous of anyone reading Flat-Out Love for the first time.)


  1. I love #1!!! And #4 is a close runner up :)

  2. #1 or #3!!! The side ponytail is really classy with a strapless, but I love that twisty thing in #1 :)

  3. Hey that's me! I'll email you my address now :)

  4. I love number 1 or 2. Good luck! Whatever you choose, I'm sure it'll be fantastic. :)

  5. All are so pretty! I like #3 the best!

  6. As much as it may kill me to admit, I do like Taylor's hair. How long is yours? I think it'd work!


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