Thursday, May 22, 2014

Items for the big day

I really didn't intend for this week's posts to be all about the wedding I'm in this weekend.  But that's pretty much all that's on my mind right now, so I guess it's fair game.

A few months ago, the bride-to-be charged me with putting together a bridal suite emergency kit. I went to Pinterest and surveyed my Twitter feed to assemble what I thought where the biggest necessities for the day. I've stored them in one of those hanging jewelry organizers.

Here's what's in the kit:
(row by row, going from left to right)
Moist wipes (times three)
Bobby pins
Tide To Go
Mary Kay lotions
Safety pins
Nail care kit
Clear nail polish
Scope Outlast Brushes on the Go
Petroleum jelly
Travel-sized hairspray
Mary Kay Mint Bliss Energizing Legs and Feet lotion
Sunscreen for faces
Mary Kay After Sun Gel (this can be used as hair gel and bug repellant)
Lint roller brush

I also have some party straws and a few snacks.

How did I do?
Is there something major I'm missing? 


  1. This is ADORABLE, Micah! I like the way it turned out, plus I think the bride will be thankful! Maybe get a mini sewing kit just in case? I've been in a handful of weddings and we've always needed to sew something. Also missing: some white wine, perhaps? ;)

  2. This is such a nicely organized little kit! Very handy, but I would make two recommendations: 1. Blotting sheets so you ladies don't smudge that pretty makeup when it gets warm and sweaty on the dancefloor or during pictures! 2. Band Aid makes this little blister protector thingy. It looks like a little tube of deodorant and you buy it near the band aids and it really helps prevent blisters if you rub on your foot, it is pretty amazing and I alwyas take a little one with me when I'm in a wedding.

    Hope the day goes well! Have fun!

  3. Here's some links in case you couldn't tell what I was talking about :)

  4. Wait, the MK after sun stuff can be for bug repellent too?! I LOVE that stuff...gonna use it more this summer now!!

    I love all of these items!! I'm a big believer in "always be prepared" so it looks like you had that covered :)


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