Friday, May 23, 2014

Running and rambling

For some people, exercise is a time to clear their mind.  Especially running.  

For the most part, this is true for me as well.  Except that when I'm running, my mind doesn't so much clear ... it just goes through lots of nonsense.  

I thought I'd give you a glimpse at what goes through my head when I'm on the trail.  This is just a small sample, taken from my last few runs.

:: "Ooh, starting out with Todd Carey. I love this playlist."

:: "Should I turn here or go straight?"

:: "There's that couple again. They probably think I'm stalking them."

:: "That dog needs to stay over there. I mean, I love dogs, but ... I don't know that dog."

:: "Next time I choose this route, I need to bring money so I can get a beer at 515."

:: "Oh, but I'd be sweaty when I go into 515. They might not like that. Whatever. Who am I trying to impress?"

:: "Run little squirrel. Get off the trail. Please don't attack me."

:: "So many people on bikes. I need to get a bike soon."

:: "Ooh, a guy in a Cyclones bike jersey. I wonder if he's single."

:: "I will stop running at the end of the next song.  F*** it's Stephen Kellogg's 'Thanksgiving.'" (The song is ten minutes long.)

:: "It's so quiet. Probably because it's not quite six a.m. yet. Normal people are sleeping ... or busy getting ready for work right now."

:: "That fog is creepy. Am I in a horror movie?"

:: "When I go to the store later, I need milk, eggs, spinach ..."

And now you all think I'm crazy, right?  Well, you probably already knew that if you read this post last year about who I become when I'm running.


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off.
Saturday: Off.
Sunday: 3-mile trail run (35 mins.) + 1-mile walk (20 mins.)
Monday: Off.
Tuesday: Off. 
Wednesday: 2-mile trail run (25 mins.) + 1-mile walk (20 mins.)
Thursday:  Yoga and core/arms at home (30 mins.)

 Total as of 5/23
1614 minutes

One week to go and I need almost 200 minutes.
Think I can do it?



  1. Haha that sounds about exactly what goes through my head during runs.

  2. Hahaha!

    What goes through my head when I'm running is usually, "I can't breathe! Oh man, when can I stop?? This sucks!"

  3. Hahahahaha I feel like you're reading my mind, lol. I think of the most random things when I run. The problem is that when I'm done, I forget almost half of what I thought of!!! It's frustrating, especially during races, when I want to post a blog about it or when I am planning something and I can't write it down. I think our minds need to have a record button :-P


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