Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby, take a bow

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I've been to the theatre lately.  Last night, for example. I took in the show "We Will Rock You" as part of my Broadway series season ticket package at the local performing arts center.  It was an awesome show full of laughs, big musical numbers, and a lot of great musical references.

This is my first year as a season ticket holder, and somehow I doubt it'll be my last. I've really enjoyed having a show to look forward to each few months.  Our season started last October with "Wicked" and runs through this September.

Here are a few of the shows I've seen in the past year. Not pictured: "American Idiot."

It probably comes as no surprise to my parents that I love musical theatre.  They always said I was a dramatic child growing up and one of my favorite movies was "Annie."  I'm pretty sure if my mom never hears "Tomorrow" again, she'll probably be OK. 

Despite my love for all things that involve stage, singing, and dancing, I was not what some might consider a drama geek. Sure, I was in three musicals in high school, but in all of them, I was what you might call "moving scenery."  Oh, except for my senior year, when I was cast as Emile's servant in "South Pacific."  I had a few lines in that one.  They were all in French.  Spoiler alert: I don't speak French. At all.

Terrible photo, but this is me (right, obviously) as "Marie" in "South Pacific."
In college, I lived with and was friends with lots of drama folks.  But I stuck being an eager audience member.

Why didn't I get more involved?  I suppose it has a little something to do with stage fright.  I don't know if "shy" is accurate, because I don't mind talking to people.  But for some reason whenever I have to give any kind of speech or performance in public, I begin shaking uncontrollably.  Don't believe me?  Ask any of my closest friends.  I believe you could even ask anyone at my friend Ashley's wedding.  I was trembling and my voice was wavering as I gave my short toast at the reception.  Yeah, I'm lame.

But I do love live theatre.  And I figure they need people like me.  People who can't/won't get up on stage but who love watching those who can/do.  I am in awe of performers, not only for their obvious talents in acting, singing, and dancing, but also of their confidence and bravery to showcase their skills in front of audiences.

One of my favorite shows is "Spring Awakening."  I never saw it on Broadway (I have yet to make it there), but I saw the national tour of it several years ago.  I actually went to three of the five shows they did in Des Moines.  I may have even lingered outside the stage door, but that paid off because I got photos with a few of the cast members and autographs from everyone in the cast.  It's still one of my favorite possessions. Fun facts: One of the guys (Andy Mientus) is currently in the Broadway revival of "Les Mis." Another one of the guys (Matt Shingledecker) is in one of the touring casts of "Wicked." And my favorite fact, I became friends with the sister of one of the guys in the cast (Ben Moss) thanks to Twitter.

I wish I could describe why I like musical theatre so much, but that's like trying to explain why I like breathing.  I just do!

I have a few more shows coming up too.  Tomorrow night, I'm taking in "Avenue Q" and in September, I wrap up my season ticket package with "Phantom of the Opera."

And then begins another new season, which includes, "Kinky Boots," "Motown The Musical," "Pippin," "Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella," "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" and add-ons like "The Book of Mormon" and "The Lion King."  I have until tomorrow to renew my season tickets, and I've been on the fence a bit because of finances.  I guess I better decide fast.


  1. I think you get better shows than we do! Our new season has Blue Man Group, Under the Streetlamp, Flashdance, Sister Act, Guys and Dolls, something called Dancing Pros Live, and Memphis.

  2. Ahhh I love musical theater!!! I miss performing--there aren't a ton of shows around here that I can/have time to do. But I love performing when i can. And love seeing shows, too!

  3. I love musical theater! I tried out for a few shows in high school, but never made it. So I gave up and stuck with writing.

    I REALLY want to see Once!


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