Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Baseball, beer, and a bike!

I had another busy weekend, although it didn't seem quite as hectic as Memorial Day weekend.

Friday night, I enjoyed two of my favorite things ...
 ... yep, that's Rangers baseball and a cold craft beer.
Although saying I enjoyed the Rangers game is probably a lie.  They played well for three innings and then just kind of fell apart.  Blech.  At least the beer was good from beginning to end.

Saturday morning, I got up and went to Zumba. I have not been to class in several weeks and I really missed it.  It felt good to get back and shake it!  After a quick shower, I hit the road with Barley's Angels of Greater Des Moines for a brewery tour and tasting at Peace Tree Brewing Company in Knoxville.  Delicious brews, awesome service, and a really interesting tour.  I loved it.

Of course, we couldn't sample their Blonde Fatale without donning blonde wigs.  How do we look?

Super impressive and fun fact -- Blonde Fatale won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup during the Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo this past spring in Denver, Colo.  Very exciting!

Saturday night, I did the Glow Run 5K with some friends.  We walked it, which was fine with me after an afternoon of beer.  Sadly, I do not have any photos from this.  My phone was almost dead, and I really didn't have any place to carry it anyway.

Sunday, I headed to Ames to visit my family and pick out my early birthday/Christmas gift.

Yep! I got a bike! I'm so excited to ride her (as soon as I get a helmet).  I also need to think of a name for her.  Yes, I name things -- my car, my ipod, my Garmin.  Judge all you want.  But offer me name suggestions if you can!


  1. My first name thought for the bike was Lucy - maybe because there's a YA book called Lucy the Giant?

  2. Of COURSE we name things! We have names. Why shouldn't our stuff have names too?

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Sorry my Tribe beat your guys so badly the other night..... :]

    Love the blonde wigs, haha! Sounds like a fun tour of the brewery! And I love the bike--did you name her yet?


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