Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What makes me feel pretty

I saw this post on Holly's blog yesterday and it really struck me. I've talked many times about my struggle with my self-image.

I look at myself in the mirror and sometimes I like what I see; other times, not so much.  I've just never really considered myself to be a pretty girl ... but I'm working on being nicer to myself.  I promise.  Because I realize I can't control how nice other people are to me, but I can control how I talk to myself.  So I try not to say things to myself that I wouldn't say to friends.

That said, I agree with Holly's point that we walk a fine line with confidence. Check out this excerpt from her blog post:
... the minute I show signs of confidence, feel pretty and begin to accept and love me for me, society assumes I am arrogant, full of myself. And society puts me in my place with its judge-y looks and photos of airbrushed models. It's a vicious cycle. Literally the least fun roller coaster ever.
So the key is to be confident, but not too confident because god forbid you actually like yourself, but you should like yourself because if everyone liked themselves, then the world be a better place.

Is anyone else royally confused?
Did she nail it or what?

Anyhow, I really liked the list she made about moments when she feels pretty. I decided to make my own.

What makes me feel pretty:

++ Having a manicure.

++ Wearing a dress.

++ Looking at my boudoir photos. (If that makes me vain, I don't care.)

++ Wearing my hair straightened.

++ When I take the time to do my full makeup (instead of just my daily basics).

++ Compliments from strangers.

++ Compliments from friends/acquaintances.

++ Smiling ... especially when I'm unable to stop.

++ Being around people who "get" me and genuinely love me.


When are some times when you feel pretty?


  1. She did nail it on the head! And I love your list. I feel pretty with my hair straightened too. And you should be proud of those pictures, you look amazing!

  2. She did nail it.

    You have a great list. Compliments from strangers are a personal favorite of mine. :-)

  3. I don't think it's wrong to feel pretty AT ALL!! And she really did nail it. What a great list you made--these are all so great! Confidence is different than begging for attention--there are girls who post selfie after selfie and all they want is attention....and usually that means their confidence is low. Society sucks sometimes, but I think if you find something that makes you feel pretty you should never let it go :)


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