Friday, July 25, 2014

It's about to get (half) crazy over here

I looked at a calendar recently and realized the half-marathon for which I'm registered is just a few months away.  Seriously, where has the summer gone?  I'm not ready to start thinking about October.  But I have to.  In little more than 12 weeks, I will be striding through 13.1 miles.

Twelve weeks.
Eighty-four days.

So I've been trying to do more running the last few weeks -- especially morning running since my body still prefers afternoon/evening workouts.  I start a more structured training regimen next week. In the meantime, I've been researching and polling people like crazy.  I will take all the advice, tips, and suggestions I can get.

Finding a training plan I liked wasn't as easy as I thought.  I did several google searches, scoured several running message boards, and even asked a few friends about their schedules.  I wasn't keen on running five times a week and while I'm sure the tempo runs vs. easy runs are important, I decided a lot of it was too technical.  Just give me a day and a distance and let me go.  I also didn't want to completely give up a few of my other workouts I've come to enjoy.  So, I finally found a plan that is four runs a week with one long run each Sunday, one rest day (Monday), and two rest/cross-training days.  Perfect!!!

Sometimes I still can't believe I'm this into running.  But 13.1, here I come!


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off 
Sunday: Off
Monday: Spin class
Tuesday: 3-mile run with running club in 100-degree heat index
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 30-day Shred (this might become my go-to on super busy days when I just don't have a lot of time)


  1. I am so proud of you! You are doing to be amazing and kick the half in the ass.

  2. A friend asked me to train for a 10K with her next year. Training plans intimidate me…I usually just suck it up and do what I can (which does NOT work in this altitude).

    Who knows? Maybe someday you'll do 26.2!

  3. I had a great training program where I only ran 4 days a week, with two rest days and one day for cross training. Of course, I didn't stick to it as closely as I should have and my time sucked, but I finished, and I consider that a win.

  4. You go, girl! I can't imagine running for 13 minutes, let alone 13 miles. But you'll do awesome, I know! :)

  5. I just have to say that I LOVE that picture on here! At the expo for my half in May, I saw a keychain with 13.1 that I thought I'd get, but on the bottom it said "I don't go all the way"--the 26.2 one said "I go all the way". I was offended because 13.1 miles is a HELL of a long way and that's a big accomplishment! It's like they were downplaying it. Stupid retailers.


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