Thursday, July 17, 2014

Things I've changed my mind about

In case you don't know me, I can be kind of stubborn.  I like what I like.  I dislike what I dislike.

However, there have been a few times people have convinced me to try something I didn't like and I had to eat my words.  Never say never, I guess.  That's been the lesson I learned.

Here are just a few things I've changed my mind about over time.

When I first started drinking, I only drank things that didn't taste like beer.  I tried beer a few times but couldn't stand the taste, so I stuck to things like Zima (does that still exist?), Smirnoff Ice, and anything fruity.  Eventually, I got used to beer and drank the light domestics.  But then I was introduced to craft beer and I swear I'm never going back to my old ways.

Salad dressing 
When I was younger (teen years and before), I ate my salads dry.  Not kidding.  My parents used to tease me because I would literally just eat the lettuce with some croutons.  I don't remember when I first tried dressing, but I've never looked back.  Ranch is my favorite, but creamy parmesan and some Italian dressings are right behind.

For many years, I was the girl who said, "if you see me running, you should call the cops because someone's probably chasing me."  Now, I hope no one calls the cops when they see me running.  Unless it's because they know a hot cop they want to set me up with (hey-o!).  These days, I run for fun.  OK, so maybe I'm still not to the point where I enjoy running WHILE I'm running, but when I'm done, I feel amazing!

My parents are Cubs fans, so I remember lots of weekend afternoons with baseball on TV.  Vaguely at least.  I used to think baseball was incredibly boring.  In fact, I thought it was sleep-inducing. I'd often fall asleep to the sounds of Cubs broadcasters.  And I'm not a napper.  When I was living in Texas, I went to a few Rangers games and almost instantly fell in love --- with the team and the sport.  I'm still enamored with both even though this is a very rough season for my favorite boys.

Harry Potter
I really didn't understand why so many of my friends were gaga over these books about a boy who's a wizard.  I just couldn't grasp the appeal.  I finally gave in when I had a ton of driving to do and listened to the first book.  OK, it was pretty good.  The second book really reeled me in.  I've now read the third and fourth book and ... now I have to finish the series.  Eventually. 

Tell me about something you changed your mind about.


  1. I was the same way with beer! I had to go through "beer training"!

  2. I am still not a beer drinker and stick to cider. I suck haha

  3. Same thing about beer and running for me!!! Those are big ones, especially bc I drink beer more than any other alcoholic beverage. And running is my favorite hobby--so weird to me still lol.

  4. I was that way with broccoli. I didn't eat it growing up and just said I would never eat it. Now I love it. I probably fix it twice a week. Lol. One of these days I'm going to read Harry Potter. Chance is going to end our friendship if I don't. Lol. ;)

  5. Ha-- I'm the exact opposite with salad dressing! I used to not be able to eat it without a pound of ranch. But now if it's a good salad, I like it better without. And yes to Harry Potter!! I just started book #7! I love the series so much!!


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