Friday, August 1, 2014

Seeking running wisdom

I'm still easing into my half-marathon training.  And I do mean easing.  My runs have been very low-mileage and sporadic.  

I've been talking to a lot of other runners, trying to get advice and suggestions. And here's the thing about the running community --- most of them don't care how slow you are or how far you do (or don't run), they are happy to help and they're very encouraging.  

Here's the advice I've been able to glean from them so far:

>> As long as I stick to my training schedule, I will be ready for race day.  

>> Skipping a few runs or shifting them around will not have a big impact.

>> I mentioned having trouble with rest days, and they encouraged a walk or easy bike ride for those days.  At least then I'll feel like I did something, but I won't put too much stress on my body.  They say the worst thing I can do is overtrain.  Noted.

>> Water, water, water.  I've noticed on the last few runs I did that about midway through, I would get a strange chill over my body.  Apparently that's a sign of dehydration, so I will be monitoring my water intake a little better.

>> Keep a running log.  Note the temperature outside, what I ate that day, and how I generally felt during and after the run.

Can anyone else add to this list?


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off 
Sunday: 4-mile run
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 3-mile run with running club 
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off

So, I already skipped one of my training runs.  I was supposed to do three easy miles on Wednesday or Thursday, but for a variety of dumb reasons, that didn't happen.  This will not become a regular thing.  You all have permission to scold me if this continues.  Remind me that 13.1 is on the horizon.


  1. I've gotten that chill before--not good. If you're really concerned about water intake (like I was), I would seriously consider looking into O2 Gold from Advocare. I take 2 of them about an hour(ish) before my runs, and I can tell you that for ALL of my long races this year I barely had to drink any water, which is so unlike the past!! I still drank some, but I didn't feel like I was dehydrating. I also try to drink a lot the day before because if I drink too much before a run I feel sick.

    I'm slacking in my running again, too, and I'm running a half next month. I think just getting a few long runs in on the weekends or when you have time is a great thing to do. Sticking to your running schedule, no matter what it is, is a great idea! I tend to try to run everyday during the week and rest on the weekends, so even if I run 1 mile every day it still keeps me active. Anything is better than nothing :)

  2. I'm sure you're doing fine. Just keep pushing forward and you'll get there.


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