Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekly round-up, Vol. 2

Yesterday, my office closed a few hours early for the holiday weekend.  Hungry and not quite ready to go home, I went to lunch with a few co-workers.  We had some much-needed laughs and I enjoyed a stout float.  You know, for when you can't decide if you'd rather have beer or ice cream.

In case you're wondering, yes, it was delicious!

Anyhow, let's get to these weekly reads so I can head out for a busy Saturday.

++ Monica at Run, Eat, Repeat is back with another well-timed post with some tips for a first-time half-marathoner.  Taking all of this in.  (I have a feeling she'll be in these round-ups a lot.)

++ Megan at Growing Up is Actually Kind of Fun welcomed her husband home from deployment last week.  The pictures in this post are amazing.  Cheers to Megan and B!

++ Bonnie at The Life of Bon received some unsolicited parenting advice. From talking to my mommy friends, I know this is nothing new.  I'm not sure how I would have responded in Bonnie's place.

++ Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars pretty much nailed nearly all of the emotions I am bound to go through (minus the whole ranking expectations and wearing dresses to tailgate -- not a good idea) over the next few months with the 18 Stages of College Football Season.

++ I have a hard time keeping up with entertainment stuff, especially movies. Thankfully, Ricci at Imperfectly Ricci has listed some of the big movies coming out this fall.

++ Jen at Red lipstick and sneakers absolutely captured the mind games runners play.  Or at least I could completely relate.  P.S. Jen, if I'm a runner, you're a runner.

++ Cait at Fierce, Fabulous, and Fit just bought her first home with her husband and sweet baby girl.  She wants to know -- is registering for house warming gifts acceptable?

++ If you're looking to start a fitness challenge and want some accountability, look no further than the Create Your Own Adventure goal link-up which is being hosted by a few ladies already mentioned in this round-up as well as Steph at Not Entirely Perfect.

++ I love, love, loved that Holly at Hey, Hollywood went and told a kid to cry.  It's not what it sounds like from that description.  It's actually a good thing.  She offered some thought-provoking commentary on society's aversion to emotions and the expression of them.  Yes, yes, yes! Sometimes you just need a good cry. 

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!


  1. I told a kid to yell at me once. I think it was either my second or third year teaching. I could tell he was ticked off all the way through class, and he started trying to fight with me when I held him after. I told him to yell at me, get the swear words out of his system, and then we'd walk down to the guidance counselor's office. I didn't tell the guidance counselor about the yelling and swearing that preceded the eventual crying, and we never had any more problems after that day.

  2. I want that drink right now!!! I've really been getting into stouts and porters lately, and that sounds delicious :)


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