Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Say farewell to summer ...

Fall officially started last night, and I can't say I'm disappointed about that.  I love summer (I am a summer baby after all), but so many of my favorite things are associated with autumn -- baseball playoffs, college football, soup, cold weather, sweaters, apple cider, etc.  Yep, fall is probably my favorite season.

But before we jump into a pile of leaves (figuratively at least ... I'd love to do this literally this year) and get into fall fun, let's see how I did with my summer to-do list ...

::> Go camping. -- SUCCESS!
Sure, it was in a very spacious and comfy camper, but it still counts.

::> Go for lots of bike rides -- including a trek to the High Trestle Trail Bridge -- FAIL.
I went on one long bike ride with some co-workers and a few other short ones, but I did not get out to the High Trestle Trail Bridge. Sad.
Pedal For Paws ride with co-workers in July.

::> Go for a walk on the Principal Riverwalk. -- FAIL.
I admire this bridge every time I drive by. I need to stop there soon and really enjoy it.

::> Go to a beach. -- FAIL.
I had to cancel my mini-vacation, so this didn't happen.

::> Watch fireworks. -- SUCCESS!
Fireworks over the Des Moines Arts Festival in June.

::> Go to an I-Cubs game. And maybe root for the home team. -- SUCCESS!
The I-Cubs even won in walk-off style that night.
It was a gorgeous night for baseball in July ... and it was actually a little chilly.
::> Go to an outdoor concert. -- SUCCESS!
This was easy. 
When you're Matt Nathanson, you can wear your own tour merch. This was from July.

::> Step outside my comfort zone. -- SUCCESS!
It didn't happen the way I had planned, but I still did it.  Go me.

Check back Thursday for my fall to-do list!

How was your summer?

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  1. You did pretty well. I live 10 miles from the beach and didn't make it once the whole summer. Lame.


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