Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekly round-up, Vol. 6

Probably the biggest blog moment this week didn't happen in the blogosphere.  One of my favorite girls, Sar, announced on Wednesday morning that she had just married a guy we all thought was just a friend.  I'm still reeling from the news and trying to wrap my head around it (which is what they wanted, so ... good job!).  But the photos and videos they've put up since then just make me giddy for them.  I look forward to following their new life together.  Congrats Sarah and Paul!

Anyhow, beyond that, there were some AWESOME posts in my feed this week.

No one knocks out promo/sponsored posts like Helene at Helene in Between.  Seriously, you don't even realize you're checking out a promo until you get to the end.  Especially in this post about being irrationally angry. I laughed most of the way through it because I agree on so many of the items.

Jenn at Bliss to Bean offered up some fall recipes that look easy, delicious, and healthy!  Just what I need as I'm trying to be better about meal planning.

Allie at Allieology summed up this season of "Big Brother" spectacularly.  I mean, I watched the whole thing and shared all of her thoughts, but she wrote it out so much better. 

As I was reading Manda's post called, "I have a tendency," I just kept nodding.  I related to almost every word she wrote.  I care too much but I guess most of the time I prefer that to complete apathy.  That doesn't mean it doesn't suck though.

It's still amazing to me what a stigma there is around doing things solo.  I loved Holly's post about how to travel alone ... and enjoy it.  She nailed it completely.

And, I'll admit I can be a bit judgy about people who buy pets from a breeder rather than adopt, but I think Helene opened my mind a little.  She explains why they didn't adopt their two incredibly precious dogs.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. You're so sweet! Thanks for sharing in our joy, Micah!


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