Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September goals recap

How did I do on my September goals?
Spoiler alert -- I got an F.

Not Entirely Perfect

As you might recall, I joined the awesome above-mentioned link-up last month.  The theme was fitness, so I thought it would be a perfect fit for my half-marathon training.  I was wrong.

These were my goals:

1.  Drink at least 70 ounces of water each day. -- SUCCESS
I am happy to say I did accomplish this one.  It really wasn't that hard because I am constantly thirsty.

2.  Go for one bike ride or attend one Zumba class each week. -- FAIL
I didn't do this once.  Not once.  Grr.

3.  Complete a yoga routine (at least 20 minutes) two times a week. -- FAIL
I got better at stretching, but I did not do this at all.  Sigh.

One out of three is better than none, I guess. But I'm not very pleased with myself for not following through on these goals.  At all.

It's a new month now (has been for seven days, but ... you know, I've been busy), and I'm ready to tackle some more items.  This month's theme is food.  I can totally get behind this.

Here are my goals for October:

1.  Try a new crockpot meal from my Pinterest boards.
2.  Go out to eat just eight times. (I've already gone out three times, so ... I need to cut down more.)
3.  Make something with spaghetti squash.

These shouldn't be too hard, right?

What are your goals for the month?


  1. Those seem like great goals. We are trying to eat out less, too. Our goal is to eat out only one time during the week (Mon-Fri). This is our second week. So far, so good.

  2. I am trying to start a blog, so I need to get better at blog posts.

    I am also trying to be more creative with my cooking, and actually using the fruits and vegetables I get in my coop box. So far I have added turnips to crockpot of green beans (also in the coop box), carrots (you guessed it coop box) and ham. Delicious for dinner and lunch the next day at work.

    And to say Yes more often....

  3. It happens, especially with fitness. Just gotta cut yourself some slack and keep working at it.
    Excited to see what you make for september! Am I following you yet on pinterest? I've gotta check. I love crock pot recipes.


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