Monday, October 6, 2014

Music Monday: Oates and Garfunkel - "29/31"

I love Oates and Garfunkel. More than words can say.  And this song really sums up where I am in life ... if you listen to the 31-year-old's part (Except I'm 34, so ... yeah).  I get all that crappy advice the 29-year-old is offering.  But worse.  I can't even begin to share some of the "wisdom" friends and acquaintances have given me.

Warning: Some parts are really loud.  And there is profanity in here.


  1. This is great. These two crack me up!! And greetings from a fellow Iowan!! Just found your adorable blog!!

    Take care!

  2. These two are SO FUNNY. I love them! Hadn't heard this one yet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Simon and garfunkel!!! I have so many memories of listening to them growing up. My mom loved then and that was her cd of choice as she drove us around to our various activities. Simon and garfunkel will always have a special place in my part because it is such a sweet memory

  4. I love them! Are you watching their show? I don't have IFC, but I need find it online because some clips I've seen are awesome. I've never heard this song. Love it!


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