Sunday, November 2, 2014

Food month - done ... on to organizing

I love this goals link-up. Each month has a different theme and you can set your own tasks that fit in.

Life According to Steph

October's goals were all about food.  So let's see how I fared ...

1.  Try a new crockpot meal from my Pinterest boards -- SUCCESS!
2.  Go out to eat just eight times. -- FAIL.  I was very social this month.
3.  Make something with spaghetti squash. -- SUCCESS!

Yeah, so I really shouldn't call this that big of a victory.  I used the same recipe for both of my successes.

November's goals have a theme of organization.  Now, I'm bound to be busy writing, but I wanted to join in with two tasks.

1.  Do my Mary Kay inventory.
2.  Shred junk mail.

Very small things, but I know I will be glad when they're done.

I really want to get my bedroom closet organized too -- especially with the weather changing, but I'm not going to over-commit myself at this point. November is a busy month.


  1. Hey, I call it success! How was it cooking spaghetti squash, hard?
    Good luck this month! The small things can add up, it always feels good to get them out of the way.

  2. Those are some good goals for November, and you did a great job in October!

  3. I love spaghetti squash. I call this a success - two out of three met, and the involved socializing, which is important as well! Call that one even.

    Good goals for November - I have a busy month too so I kept it manageable over here as well!

  4. I think keeping your goals small and manageable, especially when you know you've got a busy month coming up, is a really smart idea. Good job meeting most of your October goals -- and being very social is not a bad thing, so I call that a win, too.

  5. I tend to get so excited about making a goals post that I make too many. It's better to have a shorter list and complete more of them than a huge list and complete none. Crockpot meals are the best! I should get mine out...

  6. Did you like your spaghetti squash? I tried an acorn squash and didn't like the taste. I am not sure if they all take about the same. November seems to be a busier month. I think it is because of all the holidays around the corner and the hussel bussel to get stuff done. Have you done well selling Mary Kay. I tried it about a year ago, but couldn't get off my feet. I was though a senior in high school and wasn't getting out in the world. I am debating on starting up again. Any suggestions?

  7. Being social is a good thing!! I love making goals for the month. And I like that you only picked 2 goals for November--simple is best!


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