Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Monday: John Mayer - "Edge of Desire"

I've been in a Mayer mood a lot lately, and this song always always gets to me.  His introduction is perfect:
It's a Sunday night, a night never to be trusted for emotions. So, a lot of you guys are gonna head home and either receive texts in the dead of night or actually compose them that are not going to be fully representative of how you feel for the rest of the day, for the rest of your week. Then you'll be reaching out, and if you're not reaching out you'll have someone else reaching out to you. And your friends, and your brain, and your morals, and your conscience have all trained you not to respond. But I'm gonna go against the grain and I'm going to suggest that the next time you get a message from the one you love, the only person in the world you love and can't talk to, that you respond. And you just write back when they ask you if you're up, and you're up, just write back, "Yup, come on over." Cause life is just too short to keep playing the game. Cause if you really want somebody, you'll figure it out later. Otherwise, you'll be laying in bed with a Blackberry on your chest staring at it, doing nothing for the rest of the night, hoping that it goes, "PRRR, PRRR, PRRR." If you love someone, if you love someone. If you love someone, if you love somebody. If you love someone. Don't say a word, say, "don't say a word, just come over. Just come over, just come over, don't say a word, just come over. Let me cry all over you, let me wish that you were someone different." If you love someone....


  1. I've never heard this before, but I love it. And I completely agreed with it until he said "let me wish that you were someone different." Because if this is the person you love, why would you be wishing they were someone different? Maybe I missed something...

  2. I love me some John Mayer. I almost always have his station going on Pandora at work. It's that easy listening, relaxing music.


  3. I have been obsessed with this song lately.


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