Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stuff and Things 12/11

I'm headed back to work today after two days off.  I'm not looking forward to the voicemails and emails that await me.  But ... I pretty much don't have a choice.  Besides, I only have a day and a half of work before my weekend starts.  A three-day weekend at that.  Yay for saving a ton of PTO for the end of the year, right?
Kristin's Knook

:: This ThoughtCatalog post about the 23 Important Reminders For the Girl Who's Used to Being On Her Own is so spot on.  All of it.  Number 17 hit especially close to home.  When you're single, people are often offering advice on how to change that status.  Some of the advice is good.  Some of it is super cliche.  And some of it just ... well ... has hurt my feelings.  The biggest thing I have to remember is that advice is fine, but I really just need to follow my heart and stay true to who I am.

:: I ran 4.5 miles outside yesterday and it felt glorious.  I set out just aiming for 2 and thinking maybe 3 if I felt OK.  But when I got to mile 3, my body finally started feeling good, so I just kept going.  I honestly think I could have gone further than 4.5 if I hadn't needed to get home and get cleaned up for my part-time job.

:: The winter finale of "Nashville" was super intense last night.  I won't say too much because I hate being a spoiler but .... YIKES!!!

:: I'm thinking about adding posts about craft beer to the rotation on the blog in the new year.  I mean, it's one of my major passions and interests, but I don't talk about it much here.  Maybe that should change. Thoughts?

:: I'm mostly done with my Christmas shopping.  I don't have all of it bought, but for me, the biggest battle is deciding what to buy.  Now that I've decided what to get, it's smooth sailing.

:: Stephen Kellogg sang this tune the other night, and I got a big kick out of it.  I also think he might be on to something.  Maybe my family and I should head somewhere warm for the holidays next year.

What's on your mind this week?


  1. I love runs like that! It's such a great feeling. Congrats on being almost all done with your Christmas shopping! I'm so behind and starting to stress out a little (or a lot....)

  2. You should definitely blog about the things you love.

    Congrats on getting through with the gift stress. I'm with you. The deciding what to get is the hardest part!

  3. 1. Wish you could run for me. I hate it and don't have time for it during basketball season but seriously... kudos to you.
    2. Blog about the beer! I'm a wine-o but when you're blogging about your passion, you'll have fun and people will enjoy reading it!


  4. Holy cow! I'm impressed with your run and CRAVE to feel that good while running again. Hopefully it'll happen soon! I've been off my game!

  5. Is Nashville on Netflix? I've been meaning to start on it…

    I think a lot of people really love craft beer (Scott does) so those could be popular posts.

  6. I'd like posts on craft beer. I know nothing about it, but it's John's brother's passion. Maybe I can surprise him with a good one some time!

  7. Ahh! NASHVILLE! So two things that I really wanted to happen, happened... but why did so many catastrophes have to happen along with them???

  8. YES you need to talk about Craft Beer!!!! I love your tastes and I love to try new beer now that I'm getting more into craft beer. So I would totally love some kind of series or posts about that :)


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