Friday, December 19, 2014

The run that almost didn't happen

About a week ago, I saw a Facebook post about a holiday fun run with a running group.  They were going to do six miles through the Jolly Holiday Lights display and then have a white elephant gift exchange at a local brewery. Let's see --- running, Jolly Holiday Lights, cheap/fun gifts, and craft beer.  There were too many of my favorite things in that one event to say "no."

But then Tuesday (the day of the fun run) arrived, and we had a temperature swing -- 50s on Sunday/Monday to 30 degrees on Tuesday.  With wind chills dropping the air feel into the teens.  Brrr. 

I wasn't so sure about running, so I messaged Nicole, a friend who had planned to join me and told her I was thinking about wimping out.  But she really wanted to get the miles in (she's aiming for 100 this month ... far more than my 31), so she wasn't willing to let me ditch.

And I'm so glad she didn't.

Sure, it was cold, but once we got going, my body warmed up really well.  I was wearing two layers on most of my body, so I felt fine.  My lungs are the only part of my body that protested after the fact.  We ran slow (my pace, definitely not Nicole's), but we completed 5.5 and walked the last half-mile.  But neither of our Garmins started right away, so we're going to round-up and call it six miles.  

Jolly Holiday Lights photo snagged from my friend, Rena. To be fair, I was with her when she took this photo. Even though I've been through the display three times this year, I've taken no pictures!

When we got back to Confluence, there were pitchers of beer waiting, birthday cake (that had chocolate, peanut butter, Oreos, and coffee in it), pizza, and a really fun gift exchange.  I left with a bottle of Prairie Fire -- hot cinnamon whiskey distilled right here in Central Iowa.  I'm pretty excited to tip some into my favorite winter drink -- hot apple cider.  Maybe Christmas Eve? (By the way, the gift I took was terrible. I waited until the last minute and basically scrambled at work to put something together. The person who got my gift went home with M&Ms, Ghiradelli chocolates, a few packets of hot chocolate, and some random office gadgets. I feel like such a cheapskate.)

My white elephant gift exchange win.

But I got more than a good run, hang time with Nicole, and a bottle of whiskey.  I'm pretty sure I found a running group.  They were fun, funny, and a very tight-knit group. They were also very encouraging -- they'd clearly been done for awhile by the time we returned, but they congratulated us on a good run and poured me a beer.  I really enjoyed their company and am looking forward to joining them again.


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off.
Saturday: Off. (I intended to get up and go to the gym, but introvert recharge day won out.)
Sunday: 3 miles on the trail ... in short sleeves!
Monday: 1 mile on the treadmill, abs, squats, and arms.
Tuesday: 6 miles with the holiday fun run group
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 1 mile on the treadmill + workout with Beth

31 miles in 31 Days Running Challenge
Miles to-date: 21.5

Yeah, so I'm definitely going to kill this running challenge.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun!! Good for you for not whimping out. I think it helps when you have someone else pushing you to get going. I really want to find a running group in Michigan and hope I can join one in January or February.


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