Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 13

I kind of dropped the ball on this series.  Life got busy ... blah, blah, blah.  But it's fine because I'm back at it.  And trying to find a better strategy to keep this series up consistently.  Wish me luck.

I have a crap ton of tshirts I want to turn into something useful. There are quilts and pillows. And now, Holly at Hey, Hollywood has shown me I could also put them on canvas.  Brilliant!

We've had some really cold weather, which always makes me want soup and stew.  This White Queso Chicken and Rice Soup looks amazing. Then again, it's from Iowa Girl Eats, so of course it is.

Do you ever get in a blogging rut? Helene at Helene In Between is offering 30 prompts to keep those juices flowing in the winter.  (And she's giving away some Target cash too.)

I definitely have food on the brain this week. And I'm loving the Newlywed in the Kitchen series hosted by Tiff at Figuring Out the Plot.  This week? Salisbury Steak Meatballs.  Mmmmm!

Another fabulous kick in the pants from Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit.  This time, she's telling me (and whoever else) to stop taking the easy way out and really push yourself.  Very timely.

The Frenemy cracks me up on a regular basis.  Occasionally she gets serious too. I loved this post, entitled "I'm Not Sorry For Making Myself A Priority."  Amen, sister. 

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Thanks so much for the blogger love! need to check out some of these awesome posts too!

  2. You and I had some of the same favorites this week! How funny!


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