Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Let's have coffee

Let's have some coffee.  Do you drink it?  If not, you can have a hot beverage of your choice.  I'm going for the coffee though.  I typically get a dark roast with a splash of half and half and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. So delicious.  Mmm.

Sip one ...
I won a free t-shirt last night on Twitter.  Just for RTing Nathan Angelo about his new EP, which is fantastic, by the way.  All of his music is fabulous though.  Please check him out! I know, I know, I'm constantly promoting various musicians, but it's only because when I find something good, I HAVE to share it.  Do you have any music recs for me?

Sip two ...
I'm pretty proud of myself for getting to the gym every day so far this week ... even though my routine is off a bit.  I've been doing morning workouts for weeks, but a foot of snow on Saturday-Sunday made me less inclined to get up at 5 a.m. on Monday to clear off my car and go to the gym.  So I went after work that night.  I also went after work on Tuesday and was reminded why I like morning workouts -- less crowded.  How are your health/fitness goals going?

Sip three ...
I absolutely love my new part-time job. As I've mentioned before, I currently have one full-time job and two part-time jobs. My full-time job provides the majority of my income and all of my benefits (insurance, PTO, etc.).  It's interesting, but I wouldn't call it fun.  My part-time jobs are fun!  I've been at the library for eight months and two weeks ago, I started as a beertender at my favorite brewery.  I've learned a lot about beer already, and I look forward to learning more.  I've also met some super interesting people.  How is your job going?

Sip four ...
I have not been reading as much this month as I did in January.  I'd say I don't have time, but that's a lie.  I just haven't made time.  I've used my extra time on other things.  No worries.  I'll get back into the books ASAP.  I have that reading goal to meet.  I just started "Brain on Fire" by Susannah Cahalan the other night and I'm already hooked.  Have you read anything good lately?

Sip five ...
A few of my friends are struggling with life right now.  Break-ups, changing jobs, hating their job, infertility, etc.  As an empath, I tend to take in the feelings of people around me, so I've been on a bit of an emotional journey lately even though I haven't been directly impacted by any of these things.  It's exhausting, but I don't mind being there for my friends.  Especially when it means evenings that include delicious dinners, beer, and Cards Against Humanity.  How do you help friends who are going through a rough time?

Sip six ...
I've noticed lately that some of the people who claim to be the most loving and Christian are the same ones passing judgment, making fun of people, and taking joy in the misfortune of others. And I'm super annoyed. When I see a pattern, I start hiding these posts from my Facebook newsfeed (and if I have to hide several posts in a short amount of time, I just unfriend ... I don't need that nonsense) and unfollowing them on Twitter.  What do you do when you get annoyed with people on social media?

Sip seven ...
I am also super annoyed with my renters right now.  It's Feb. 4, and they still have not paid their rent for this month (as of this morning). I sent them a message last night saying it had to be in by the end of the day on Thursday (Feb. 5) or I would charge a late fee. I think I've been fair, but I'm sure they think I'm a giant bitch.  I cannot wait to sell the house this spring and be done as a landlord.  Do you think I've been fair?


  1. I love these types of posts that feel very conversational! Sounds like you have a lot going on! YAY for the working out schedule though, that's awesome!

  2. Hey, I admitted I was going to hell when I laughed about Johnny Manziel. Truly, I hope he grows up in rehab!
    I am sorry your friends are struggling and I can especially understand some of those struggles.
    I am so glad you love your beertending job. I seriously think that is probably your secret calling. Maybe a beer romance novel? :)

  3. Regarding sip 6, I totally get it. I hate that. I've learned that you just have to remove people like that from your lives, it's not worth the frustration and drama. Regarding sip 4, I've been in a reading "lull" myself. I'm trying to get out of it. I just read The Art of Fielding- it was really good, I think you would like it! :)

  4. I'll take some tea with lemon, thank you. ;) And I totally agree-- morning workouts are so much better so I don't have to fight people for my machines. I just hate getting up early... (and haven't been doing so for a while). :( Hope you get your rent from your tenants soon! If they did what they were supposed to, then you wouldn't be on them. Not your fault that they're irresponsible. So glad to hear that the jobs are going well! I don't know how you have time to do anything with three jobs, but I'm glad you're loving them! I wouldn't mind spending several hours a week at the library either... :)

  5. Mmm coffee :) Caramel latte is my go to drink when I go to a coffee shop so that's what I'm having. Way to go for making it to the gym every morning!! And I'm glad you're enjoying your part time job--I had a feeling you would. Bartender who loves beer? Clearly it's a great gig :)


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