Friday, February 6, 2015

Join me for a virtual race!

After training for and completing a half-marathon, I have finally conceded that I might be a runner.

But here's the deal.  I'm a bit of a lazy runner.  If I'm not training for a specific race, I have a hard time getting in some good runs.

As you might know, I've set a goal of completing 10 races this year.  I really would like to get one in this month, but there's only one scheduled in my area.  On Feb. 14.  That's only about a week away.  This snow is not going anywhere before then.  In fact, it'll probably just turn into ice patches.  Needless to say, I'm not eager to twist an ankle, so I think I'll be skipping that one.

But ... I still want to do a race this month.

I have done virtual races in the past and started doing some research.  Turns out there are tons of research for virtual runs.  I ended up choosing the US Road Running - Get Out and Run program. The cost is $14.99 for a medal.  You set your own goal/distance and choose when and how you run.  Sounds perfect to me.

I'm aiming for a five-miler (since I'll be doing a 10K in March), and I'm going to aim for the weekend of Feb. 21-22.  I'll post about my run on the final Friday of this month ... and it's going to be a link-up because I want others to join me. (Holly & Meg ... I'm looking at you!)

Who's in? 


Last week's workouts
Friday: 3 miles on the trails. (It was awesome to run outside!)
Saturday: Off (Although I helped a friend move and then worked six hours at the brewery.)
Sunday: Off 
Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill 
Tuesday: 4 miles on the treadmill
Wednesday: 30 minutes of run/walk intervals on the treadmill
Thursday: Off

All of my workouts were in the evening, and I did not enjoy that.  I'm getting back to my morning gym time next week.  I also noticed all my workouts were cardio.  Time to get back to the weights.  I can definitely feel a difference.


  1. I'm totally in! I'll be registering myself for a 5k. Not sure when I'll run it yet, but there will be a post about it.

  2. I'm in-it'll probably just be a 5k walk since I just sprained my ankle, but I have to do SOMETHING. Plus, metals are pretty!

  3. Ahhh ok I am signing up RIGHT NOW :)


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