Thursday, March 5, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure - February recap

Life According to Steph

The theme for February  was CREATE.  I was excited about this theme because I enjoy being creative. This really shouldn't come as a surprise given my writing history.  February was short, so I kept my goals simple. Let's see how I did.

- Start a new writing project. -- I'm calling this a half-win.
I came up with a new story idea. 
It's in my head, and I have a few notes written down.  
But I haven't started drafting the story yet.

- Do a Pinterest craft. -- Win.
I finally decided to do something with wine corks I've been collecting. 
And I'm not even ashamed at how much cheap wine is on there. 
I drink what I want!


The theme for March is RELATIONSHIPS.  I'm not romantically involved with anyone, but that doesn't mean I don't have relationships that need attention.  With everything I have on my plate these days, some of my friendships have been neglected.  This month, I'll work on that.

Here are my goals:
- Send two hand-written letters/cards each week.
- Have face time with two people I haven't seen in a long time.

I think those are solid, achievable, and productive goals.


  1. I love the cork project! And I personally would have no idea if your corks were fancy or not. I'd be all, "Oh, the Barefoot Blush? How fancy! Well above $5." Your relationship goals sound fantastic! Good luck!

  2. Nice wine cork project!!! And yes to making (face) time with people. I know I don't do enough of that.

  3. I love your initial cork! People like me pay money for stuff like that. I rarely pay over $10 for a bottle of wine. Hashtag not fancy.

    Great idea on the handwritten notes. It's becoming a lost art.

  4. The cork M is awesome! You did a great job. Good luck in March.

  5. I might create a challenge for later in the year to send out some snail mail. I like that one. It's easy to fall out of the habit.

  6. Love the wine cork art! I need to get wine corks now! I really like that you are challenging yourself to send hand written notes! I love receiving mail and catching up through letters.

  7. Hand written cards are so nice. Such a lost art. Everyone tells me they love my thank you notes, they like getting mail that isn't a bill!

  8. Yes! I love that you are sending more mail as a relationships goal. I am totally on board with that. Go girl!

  9. That's great you got a story in mind!! And I love that project. I've saved a ton of beer bottle caps and want to do something with those soon. Hope your March goals have been going well!


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