Sunday, April 5, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure - March recap

Life According to Steph

The theme for March was RELATIONSHIPS.  I'm not romantically involved with anyone, but that doesn't mean I don't have relationships that need attention.  With everything I have on my plate these days, some of my friendships have been neglected.  This month, I'll work on that.

These were my goals:
- Send two hand-written letters/cards each week. -- FAIL
I did not send a single one.  I meant to.  I even bought pretty cards to write, but ... it just didn't happen.

- Have face time with two people I haven't seen in a long time. -- SUCCESS
I had dinner with one friend and Skyped with another.  In both cases, I think we agreed we might need to schedule these more regularly.


The theme for April is FINANCES. This is probably an important one for me to tackle because I'm not very good with budgets and spending.

So, here are my goals for the month:
- Map out my spending for the month and stick to it. No splurge purchases.

- Go out to eat just once a week.

I think these are doable and a good start to handling my money better.


  1. Sending cards is so hard for me, I don't even know why. I'm good about thank you notes, but that's it.
    Mapping out my monthly spending is definitely a huge help. I just print out a calendar and make sure to mark every event I have. Tedious at first, but it saves my wallet!

  2. I used to send cards all the time. I have totally stopped that and now it's hard to remember them when they do need to be sent.

    Like Steph, I'm good with thank you notes though!

    I like to know what I can expect to spend in a month. Sticking to it can be hard but I try to be good about it.

  3. I love sending cards but I am currently failing at my goal for the year of sending one card a week. I hate that, because I have a whole list of people I want to send cards to and I'm just procrastinating!!! I really like that you only have 2 or 3 goals for this challenge because it makes it so much easier to manage. Good luck this month!


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