Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 25

Too often we get caught up in what our life used to be or should be instead of what it is.  That's exactly what Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit hit on this week with her post entitled, "Because I want to."  I've already read and re-read it twice.  I don't think I'm done reading it either.  There's so much in there to take to heart.

Lil Desiqua at Faster Than Forever made me laugh so hard with "Things I Love About Winter In Spring."  Yes to all of the things she listed.

Baseball is back!!  Hallelujah!!  Caryn Rose at Jukebox Graduate wrote a piece for Men's Journal on the 10 Best Baseball Books Every Fan Should Read.  I'm adding them all to my to-read list.  Also, if you enjoy baseball books, check out Caryn's novel, "A Whole New Ballgame."

Meg at Social in the 253 wrote about the process of falling in love.  I think this process is different for everyone.  For me, I don't believe there's a single moment when I knew I was in love.  Instead, I tend to think love is a culmination of several moments.

I have found someone else in the blogosphere who loves music and concerts as much as I do.  That's exactly why I would watch a travel show if it was hosted by Kati Rose. A series about famous venues, locations where song were written, etc.?  Count me in!

Life can be cruel, and occasionally you'll get knocked down.  Nadine at East & has some advice for what to do when your ego takes a hit.  Good reminders.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Thanks for posting this! Since I've been (unintentionally) out of the blog world the last few weeks, I like that you've condensed down what I need to read. :)

  2. Thanks for the blog love Micah! I'm incredibly happy to have found someone who loves music just as much as me in the blogosphere as well!


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