Friday, April 3, 2015

Monthly check-in - March

I know the journey to getting in better shape is a slow and steady one.  And little goals along the way will help me reach my overall goal.  So I have fitness benchmarks I want to reach each month -- the first two are static and the third will be alternating.  I'll also be sharing my progress in terms of pounds/inches lost and one non-scale victory.

So, let's see how I did in March.

Sixteen workouts a month.  Grade = A+
I nailed it.

BodyPump once a week.  Grade = C
I went three times in March, which equates to a 75 percent, right? 

Track my food each day on my FitBit app.  Grade = C
I actually rejoined Weight Watchers again a few weeks ago (it was time to get back to what worked for me) and have been fairly consistent with tracking my food.  I'm still only tracking slightly more than half the time though, so I'm keeping this one until I'm closer to 100 percent on tracking.

This was a much better month than February.


Pounds lost = Holding steady.

Inches lost = I've lost an inch in my waist since January, but everything else has stayed the same.

Non-scale victory = I achieved a PR in my second ever 10K!!


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off.
Monday: 1 mile on the treadmill + back/chest
Tuesday: 3 miles on the trail
Wednesday: Yoga at home (plus lots of short walks at work)
Thursday: Off

Yeah, I took a lot of days off this week.  Way more than I intended, but .... I think I needed them.


  1. An inch lost and a new 10K PR?! That sounds like a GREAT March to me :) You're doing great, Micah!!

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