Thursday, June 18, 2015

My music must list

Last week, Kati Rose shared a list of music-related things she wants to accomplish. Since music is also a pretty big deal to me, I decided to make my own list. I've already done a lot in this realm -- attended more than 200 concerts (list here), met some of my favorites, attended a big festival, etc. -- but there are still plenty more dreams in my head.

  • Attend one of the big music festivals. I've been to Austin City Limits Music Festival and Summerfest.  So should I aim for Coachella?  Bonaroo?  Something different?
  • See a show at Red Rocks.
  • Be in a music video. I don't care if it's a live performance or a carefully-plotted video, I want to be in it.
  • Visit Nashville. 
  • Attend one of the major music awards shows.
  • Go on the road with a musician for a short time. I don't think the road lifestyle is for me, but I wouldn't mind seeing what it's like. I'd happily be merch girl for a few days/weeks just to check it out.

What would be on your list?


  1. I love the idea of a music video and tour for a bit! I may have to add those to mine! For musical festival it totally depends on the vibe. Or you could do international and hit up one over in Europe that's big?

  2. Being in a music video would be so fun! I was an extra in a movie once, but I feel like a music video would be a better experience. Touring with a band would be cool too, but I'm too old for that now. No one wants a mom on board. Haha!

  3. You should totally go to Coachella. And I'm not saying that only because it's about an hour from my house...


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