Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 37

This is really a double edition since it accounts for the last two weeks of my reader.  Get ready for some good posts on this gorgeous day!

There are so many social media platforms out there now. I can barely keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Now there's also Periscope (what is that even?!!?) and Snapchat.  I've been resisting the latter for a long time, but Helene makes a good argument for it's benefits.

This GoGirl Finance post, "Four Things Not to Do When Quitting Your Job" came at the perfect time for me.  As I mentioned, I recently left a job and will start a new one Monday.  I'm certain I followed the rules in the post and I'm leaving on a good note. It's my policy that no matter how you feel about your employer, it's important not to burn bridges.

My writing soul sister, Rena invited some interaction by asking who you would be in a book or movie Naturally, I believe I'd be the quirky best friend who offers comic relief, hugs, and a movie/booze night when the heroine is having a rough time.  I'm definitely more of a sidekick than a starlet.  How about you?

I'm a summer baby, and I love fireworks.  But I understand they can be traumatic for war veterans and animals. Taylor offers some advice for keeping those furbabies calm during the pyrotechnics.

Helene is moving to Nashville!!  And she shares a concern I think most people have when they're moving to a new place --- how do I make friends in my new city?!?  Head over there to offer her your advice.

I've been keeping up with "The Bachelorette" this season and I was a little miffed at the attention being given to the fact that Kaitlyn hooks up with one of the guys on the show.  Bonnie, as usual, sums up exactly why all the chatter bothered me "Pick a lane people!"  Amen, Bonnie.

Rebekah did me a solid and reviewed my book, "Riffs of Regret," on her blog I am so grateful for her feedback and honest words.  I confess there are some typos and editing mistakes in that work.  That's the danger of self-publishing.  My next work will get many more eyes on it so I can avoid that.

Rena makes another appearance with this fantastic post on the struggle between letting people in and the fear of being vulnerable Nailed it, Rena.  And please know I'm always here for you.

Happy 4th everyone!  Have a safe and happy Saturday.


  1. I cannot for the life of me get a snapchat! I just dont get...I'll need to mosey on over and read some good reasoning.

    I am very over the bachelorette, I don't even care about the hook up, I assume they all do anyway lol It just seems odd like half of them left on their own and I can't get a connection going.

    HAPPY 4TH!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! :) I really did enjoy reading your book!

  3. I volunteer as eyes for your next book! I love your writing, I love you, and I basically edit for a living already :)


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