Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 40

This post contains two weeks worth of goodies because I couldn't be bothered to get this round-up posted last weekend.  Enjoy!!

Kelly wrote about burnout -- how to identify it and deal with it.  Man, I have felt that a few times.  It usually results in me feeling a bit restless and trying to figure out how I can change to shake things up.

Shopping for clothes when you're trying to lose weight is such a conundrum. Helene shared a guest post from Merrie at Petite Career Girl that gives some great tips on buying pieces to help through the transition.

I love, love, loved Monica's post entitled, "Fat People Run Too." There's a huge misconception out there about who can and should run.  And what a runner looks like.  I applaud Monica for shedding light on publications that are fighting those myths.

Holly shared the latest blogger lip sync video starting yours truly and a handful of other awesome people from the blog world.

If you still have time for some reading, I recommend checking out the latest issue of Holl & Lane Magazine.  You might see something from me in there today ... and in the future.

Happy Saturday!

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