Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 43

Most people love Fridays, right?  I usually do too, but yesterday was not my day.

I woke up feeling dizzy and lightheaded.  I hoped it was just that I slept wrong or whatever and that it'd get better as I woke up more.  But it continued.  By the time I got to work, it was hard to even sit without feeling dizzy.  I shared my woes with some co-workers who convinced me to go to urgent care.  So, I did.  Two hours later, I returned to work with nasal spray and Sudafed. Apparently I have fluid build-up in my ears from my cold and it just hasn't been able to drain.  I decided I could not and should not work my brewery shift that evening.  So I called out sick.  Something I never do.  Honestly, I've probably done it five times in my 20+ years of working.  I still feel bad about it even though I think it was the right choice.

While I was getting my prescription, the clerk saw my Rangers purse and heckled me about the 2011 World Series. Still too soon, bro.  It'll always be too soon.

When I got back to work, something was wrong with my monitor, and it took a 20-minute call with IT to fix it.

And then I got a dump of about 50 new files.

So ... yeah.  Friday was not my day.

Let's move on to something better.  This week's (actually two weeks worth of) reads.

Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit has been quiet for a while.  And with good reason.  She has a new podcast (which I immediately subscribed to).  But she recently resumed posting as well, and this post regarding the truth about getting healthy is spot on.  It is NOT easy to make good changes. Stop pretending it is.

Kelly at Knowing Kelly is back with another great post about what dreams really are.  Incredible and insightful.

I would definitely go to a baseball game with Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars, based partially on her fandom (yay Rangers) and partially on her feelings on the wave.  It has no place in sporting events.  Ever.

Erika at Newlyweds on a Budget shared what it's really like to be pregnant.  The first bullet jumped out at me, mostly because I have witnessed this kind of commentary before.  Folks -- it is never ever OK to comment on a woman's body in this way.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. That's such a great post from Nicole - I love her take on the "healthy" lifestyle. It is hard - and it's a constant battle.
    Thanks gain for the shout-out :)

  2. I hope you're feeling better now. That is just miserable!

    Also, I agree with you. When it comes to my Angels, there are certain series that will always be too soon.


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