Friday, August 28, 2015

What are you training for?

A year ago, I was in the early stages of training for my half-marathon.  I know this thanks to the "On This Day" feature on Facebook.  Less than ten months ago, I was running 17 miles a week.  These days, I'm lucky to get six in.  What has happened?
The answer -- I'm not training for anything.  
My next race is a few weeks away and it's a 5K.  Those have become pretty easy for me, so I don't really have to train as long as I run fairly regularly. Although, I don't really feel like I'm even doing that.

I really want to get back into running.  But it's hard to get motivated to do the miles when I don't have anything to work towards.  Even my monthly mileage goal doesn't seem to be enough.

Any suggestions?


August Instagram Fitness Challenge Update
Each Sunday, I post a funny pic related to an exercise on Instagram. For every "like," I do one rep of that exercise for the week.  (Be sure to follow me and motivate me!)

This week's funny:

I'm also aiming to run 35 miles this month.

Mileage: 16
I'm not even going to get close.


Last week's workouts
Friday: Danced like crazy at the Andy Grammer show + 18 mountain climbers
Saturday:  1 mile on the treadmill + Personal training session + 18 mountain climbers
Sunday: 18 mountain climbers
Monday: 18 mountain climbers
Tuesday: Fit Fusion + 18 mountain climbers
Wednesday: Yoga at home + 18 mountain climbers
Thursday: 18 mountain climbers

This week has been rough thanks to this nasty cold/allergies thing that is still hanging around.


  1. Ugh gosh it's hard when you don't have an end goal. And maybe that's why I find myself so stuck with running too - because I don't have something pushing me. My only suggestion for longer runs is to trick yourself into going down a long route. Or run 5 miles one way - since you have to go back, you'll have no choice but to run/walk/whatever you can physically do.
    It's torture, but this is the only way I can imagine doing it. lol

  2. Doing your challenge with you, I hit 35 miles on Sunday, and now I'm over 40! You can finish strong. I believe in you :)

  3. I sometimes watch Extreme Weight Loss on Tuesday nights and Chris Powell was saying that he and his wife are constantly training for something. That they set 3 month goals and always have something they're getting ready for. I think that's the kind of thing I need to do because just getting myself to work out isn't happening, but if I have something to get ready for, I'm more likely to do it.


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