Monday, November 16, 2015

Music Monday: Demi Lovato - "Confident"

Over the weekend, The Militant Baker posted this on Facebook, and I had to share it.

I cannot agree more. Go ahead and hate on selfies and girls who strut their stuff. But you have no idea what journey they took to find that level of confidence. None.

And it reminded me of the latest Demi Lovato single. I've been hearing this track on the radio for a few weeks, and I love it. Demi's voice is so stunning, and the lyrics are amazing. I was very excited when my Fit Fusion instructor introduced it into our workouts last week. I can't get enough.

By the way, I'm definitely going to see her tour with Nick Jonas next summer. Anyone want to meet me in Kansas City?


  1. Love this post! I completely agree that girls especially need to uplift one another instead of putting each other down. It is so easy to look at someone and remind them of their insecurities, but it is even easier to compliment them and instill confidence in them. Confidence is not something that happens overnight, it is an ongoing process, and if someone has gained it then that is beautiful. :)

  2. I love Demi and that song! We have to constantly remind ourselves that it's always the most self-conscious, unhappy people who do the judging. That's hard to grasp as a kid, but makes perfect sense now. I still have friends that do it and it makes me really sad for them.


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