Monday, November 2, 2015

Music Monday: Reba's duets

As I mentioned recently, I've been going down a rabbit hole of 90s country music lately. I'm rediscovering old favorites and I love it.  As I was listening the other day, I realized Reba McEntire has done a lot of duets. Here are just a few I found:

I remember watching these on some random music channel we had when my family first got cable. I love how they all tell a story. They're like mini-soap operas.

There are a few more recent duets I adore too.

Fun fact: Reba is now Kelly's mother-in-law.

These two songs were from an album she did that was full of duets. I guess she likes singing with other people.

Who should Reba duet with next?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVED Does He Love You. My friend and I sang that for a competition once. It's kind of funny that it took me so many years to realize how inappropriate that probably was for a couple of teenagers.


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