Sunday, November 1, 2015

Reading Recap - October

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal of reading 70 books.  Within that total, I wanted to expand my reading horizons a little by including one memoir/biography, one classic, and one blog reader recommendation each month.  I'm providing a round-up of these reads at the close of each month.

This month's selections ...

Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song
by Sara Bareilles

Sara is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. I've connected with her music almost since first listen. This book only deepened that connection. Not only did she explain the backstory for some of her biggest songs, but she also shared memories of being an insecure teenager with body image issues. I relate to her now more than ever.


 I hadn't read this book since my school days. It was interesting to re-read it as an adult. I'm also planning to read "To Set a Watchman" soon, so I wanted this fresh in my mind.

Blog Reader Rec

I haven't read any suspense/thriller novels in a long time, but when Megan recommended this to me, I figured this month was perfect for the genre. It was a fantastic read, capturing my attention immediately. It took forever to get the secret out of the protagonist and even longer to get the full picture of what happened to the couple on their vacation.  The twists were all great, and I might pick up more from this author.

Bonus Reads

Finally, I got to read more about the mysterious Dorsey brother who hadn't been in Hope Falls much due to his MMA career. And he's just as hot as the other two.  And this book was just as sexy, sweet, and captivating as the others. My only disappointment is that I have to wait more than a year for another installment from this community. SIGH.

I inhaled this entire nine-book series in two weeks. This author won me over right from the first book. I was hooked on the Kowalski family.  I was so sad to reach the end, but I'll definitely be picking up other books in her catalog, especially since she's been so friendly on Twitter! 



I have a feeling I won't be doing as much reading in November, but I will at least try to get my three required reads done.

What are you reading?


  1. I love a good memoir...I just finished one today. We had the same reading goal for the year: 70 books!

  2. I'll definitely be curious to hear what you think of Watchman. I'm reading it now. It's VERY different from Mockingbird. And I'm still waiting to find out what the plot is. But the writing is so beautiful that I almost don't care that it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

  3. I added Follow You Home!

    Like Karen above I thought the writing of Watchman was intriguing and that some good points are made...but it read like what it was to me - a first draft of a novel.


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