Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stuff & Things 11/5

:: Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I took the day off work (and encouraged her to do the same) so we could hang out a bit. I haven't gotten to see my family as much as I'd like in the last year. They only live 40 minutes away, but with my schedule, trips up there were tough to plan. We don't have anything special planned for tomorrow (probably just lunch), but I'm looking forward to it. Happy birthday, Mom!!!

:: I still can't believe what I witnessed in Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday night. I went to the game thinking Iowa State had a chance to win, but I never imagined they'd shut out the Texas Longhorns. What a fantastic night to be a Cyclones fan!

:: Staying with the sports theme, let me extend my congratulations to the Kansas City Royals and their fans. After 30 years, they have another World Series title. Their postseason run was most impressive, and even though I lost a bit of interest in baseball after my team was eliminated, I couldn't completely stay away. To New York Mets fans, I also offer congratulations. Your season was incredible and lasted until Nov. 2 (technically, since it was after midnight in NY when the game ended). Even though you didn't win the big trophy, you still had an great ride.

:: Three of my friends have lost furbabies this week. It makes me want to hug mine a little closer. But they're cats, so they'll hate that, so I'll try not to do it too often.

:: Over the weekend, my friend Alicia and I were lamenting the fact that Stephen Kellogg has not been to Iowa in a long time. Monday morning -- BAM -- he announced a local tour date. I am beyond excited to see him perform his new music.  He's seriously one of my all-time favorites. If you haven't checked him out, please do! Here's a trailer for a short film that gives a good view of the kind of man and songwriter he is.

:: On Sunday night, The Bloggess was soliciting stories about awkward and embarrassing moments. on Twitter. I shared mine, and she RTed it.  I even ended up making her blog. I feel like I've arrived. This was my contribution. And, yes, I'm still mortified by this years later.

How's your week going?


  1. I think that's really sweet you and your mom are both taking time off to celebrate her birthday. Plus, even though you have nothing big planned I bet it's gonna turn into one of those days that just feels good. HAHAHA your Blogess retweet. I may have laughed out loud in my quiet office right now. That's like Jay Leno headlines worthy.

  2. EEE Bloggess retweet.

    Happy birthday to your Mom! I love that you're going to spend the day together.

  3. Being retweeted by The Bloggess is pretty awesome. Good for you! And also, how mortifying.


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