Thursday, November 5, 2015

Take care

I fell off the fitness wagon in a major way the last few months. If I'm being completely honest, it's been a long time since I took good care of myself. I think it's mostly due to my full slate -- three jobs, one organization, and many social obligations. It was hard to take time for myself, but that's changing.

As I mentioned last week, I cut back on my hours at one of my part-time jobs. I'm no longer working any weeknights at the library. With my schedule a little clearer, I am putting my health on the front burner.

I'm scheduling my workouts like appointments I can't skip. I'm planning rest days too, of course. They're just as important.

I'm also planning out meals again. It's been nice having time to cook actual dinners and pack lunches. It's also a lot cheaper than grabbing something in the cafeteria at work.

But there's more to taking care of myself than just working out and eating right. For me, it's also about downtime and having time for hobbies. My evenings this week have been spent writing and watching Netflix. Because my evenings are so chill, I'm getting to bed at a decent hour and sleeping much better. I feel considerably lighter, less stressed, and more focused in my everyday work. It's crazy.

Who knew eliminating just six hours of work from my weekly schedule would change things this much?


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday:  Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: Midday Mix - Legs (30 min.) + Fit Fusion (60 min.)

Tuesday: 2-mile run + 1/2-mile walk (40 min.)
Wednesday: Midday Mix - Arms (30 min.) + 2.5-mile walk (50 minutes)
Thursday: 2-mile walk (40 min.)

I wanted to run more, but Monday's workouts killed my legs, so I took it easy on them the rest of the week. It feels good to be more active every day though.


  1. That's really smart you are taking time for yourself! People often forget that it's essential to good health to make sure you are rested and happy. I hope you can continue this and enjoy your hobbies!!

  2. I love the image you posted here. We all have to take care of our bodies, and it does take a little bit of effort to ensure we're eating right and getting enough activity. It seems like you are on a great path! :)

  3. Love this post!!! So true - sometimes eliminating one small stressor can have a domino effect!

  4. This is great - I know you loved the library but sometimes our personal health really does need to be top priority. It helps us in every other part of our life be better. Good for you!


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