Friday, November 13, 2015

You might be a runner if ...

I've long struggled with the idea of calling myself a runner. Yes, I regularly do races (tomorrow will be my eighth of the year), and I've completed a half-marathon. But does that qualify me as a runner? I mean, I'm not fast. I've never done a full marathon (and currently have no desire to do so).  Recently though, I've had friends refer to me as a runner and I started thinking about it, wondering if it's true.

This week, I logged a few miles, and I tend to think a lot while I'm running (and also dance and talk to myself, but ... anyway).  I decided I'd come up with a list of sign you might be a runner:

:: You get more excited over Brooks running shoes than Jimmy Choos.
I own two pairs of Brooks and zero pairs of Jimmy Choos (or any other fancy designer shoe). Honestly, my running shoes are the only time I spend more than $100 for something I put on my feet. Also, I don't wear heels if I can avoid it. My feet hate them.

:: You finish a race and immediately wonder when you can do another one.
I've had my share of bad races. Cold weather, poor preparation, and bad routes. There have been times I'd wonder if I could finish, but as soon as I cross the finish line, I feel great, and I start looking for the next race. Every time. Runner's high is a real thing.

:: You have a long list of things to do (laundry, blog posts to write, meal prep, etc.), but you go for a run instead.
I call this runcrastinating. I'm a pro at it.

:: Race shirts take up a great deal of real estate in your closet/dresser.
I have so many race shirts. I don't even wear most of them. It's to the point where I often decline a race shirt (if it's an option) unless the design is something really cool.

:: You have a few standby routes for which you know the distance without wearing a watch.
My last few runs have occurred without my Garmin, and yet I know exactly how long they were. There were a few times I was curious about my pace, but it was kind of nice to run without any technology (besides my iPod, of course).

:: You run.
Any distance. Any speed. Any frequency. As long as you're out there pounding the pavement, you're a runner.


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday:  Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: 3-mile run

Tuesday: 2.5-mile run
Wednesday: Core + Fit Fusion
Thursday: 2.5-mile run

Not a bad week of workouts! Running felt really good this week. Really really good.

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