Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stuff & Things 12/17

:: Last night, I went to see "Wizard of Oz" with one of my longest tenured friends (sounds better than oldest friend, right?).  I've always loved this movie, and I was in a production of it in high school.  This show did not disappoint. They used a lot of screens and computer effects, but they worked. And I really liked what they did with the lights. The scarecrow was outstanding. Oh, and before the show, I got a glass of wine. Because it was the end of the bottle, the guy gave me about 50 percent extra. I call that a win. (And yes, it's in a cup with a lid. They allow us to take it into the show that way.)

:: Is anyone else feeling a bit frantic with everything going on this time of year? I've tried to keep my commitments to a minimum, but things keep coming up that I want to do. Maybe there will be more rest after Christmas.

:: The other day, I wore my Murray Christmas sweater to work. So many people asked me whose face was on my shirt. Is Bill Murray really that unrecognizable?  Also, you should check out his Christmas special on Netflix. ASAP.

:: I know I'm supposed to be shopping for other people and not myself, but I couldn't resist these socks from ModCloth. Are they not perfect? Or purrfect?  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

:: Someone posted a picture of this on Instagram the other day, and now I can't stop thinking about it. This might have to happen in the very near future.

What's up with you this week? 


  1. There's cookie butter cheesecake? Looks like Trader Joe's may be in my very near future.

  2. I have purchased quite a few ModCloth items for myself (pug Christmas socks included) this year.

    I love Bill Murray. That's a great top!

  3. Oh my gosh, yes. So overwhelmed. I FINALLY started my Christmas shopping last night, I have had places to be pretty much every night for the past two weeks and that's not stopping anytime soon. I'm exhausted!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Cookie Butter Cheesecake?? I'm writing it on the Trader Joe's grocery list (yes, we have separate grocery lists for separate stores) right now. Good luck with all the franticness!

  5. We got that Cookie Butter Cheesecake for dessert last Thanksgiving and loved it! It's suuuuuper sweet though. I'm a sugar girl, but could only handle bite or two at a time.


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