Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Things I really want to request from Santa

Dear Santa,

Last week, I shared my wishlist as it conformed to the want, need, wear, read standards my family has selected for this year. It was also a very realistic array of gifts.  Today, I offer up something different. These are things I would never actually request no matter how much I want to. Some would just be awkward to ask for, and others are just plain fantasies. But since you're Santa, you can probably manage at least one of these, right?

Sports bras
Seriously. They're expensive. Especially if you're a runner with a somewhat full cup. I need bras that keep the girls in check, and those cannot be found in the bargain bin. The one above is $48. For one.

:: :: :: ::

Credit card debt eliminated
I am really trying to pay off all my credit card debt, especially once I realized what it's really costing me. It's a slow process because I haven't always been very smart with money. If Santa could wave a wand and just make the balances zero, I would be a very happy girl.

:: :: :: ::
An all-expenses paid trip to see my Texas Rangers at a ballpark of my choice.
I have slowed down considerably on my quest to visit every MLB ballpark. I've only been to 10 of the 30.  I want to see a new park in 2016, but I'll have to see how my finances work out.

:: :: :: ::
A weekend getaway with some of my favorite blogger friends.
I've become close with some fine ladies in the blogosphere. I'd love to meet them face-to-face. I feel like we might act like Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe in the gif above. I'm not going to name names. They know who they are.

:: :: :: ::

A way to watch ESPN on my AppleTV
The Iowa State Cyclones are going to have a lot of games on ESPN this season. And unless I want to go to a bar, I won't get to see a single minute. It's the only reason I miss cable right now.  If only I had a friend nice enough to share their cable login info with me, I could tune in. Repeated pleading on Twitter has yielded nothing. Sigh.

:: :: :: ::

An N Sync reunion concert
Just one show. With all five guys together. Singing and dancing to the best songs from their catalog. I would empty my savings account and meet my best friends wherever it was.

:: :: :: ::

Honestly, I really shouldn't ask you for anything more after you delivered this last week:

I mean, I'd ask for more time with him, but I'm really trying hard not to be greedy.

Anyway, you can't blame a girl for continuing to dream. Especially a girl who's been really good all year long. Or at least mostly good. Somewhat good?


  1. An NSYNC reunion concert. YES. YES. YES. I would pay embarrassing amounts of money to witness that.

  2. I wish there was a Santa to bring you all this goodness.

  3. I would pay so much for an Nsync ticket. I saw them in 2001. Still one of the best nights ever.

  4. The Rangers are scheduled to play in Anaheim in April and July...And we have a spare room...just sayin'...


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