Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

I've had this saying posted a few places in my apartment and work space for a few years:

I'm always looking for ways to push my limits and challenge myself. Sometimes that's just meant ordering something different at a restaurant, trying a new fitness class, or picking up a book outside of my usual genre. Very tame examples, I know, but baby steps, right?

Last week, I unintentionally lived out this saying by doing a lot of things that were not in my comfort zone.

:: I filmed a campaign video for a beer caucus event being hosted at at the brewery where I work. I'm terribly awkward when I speak, and I'm not a fan of seeing/hearing myself on video, but I did it. And I had a lot of fun. (The first video is already up on the brewery's facebook page, and if you know which brewery, you might be able to find it.)

:: I started a new workout program at work. As much as I enjoy group fitness classes, I still get horribly self-conscious about working out with other people. I'm worried they're judging me or just plain watching me. It's even stranger when it's people you see and work with every day, but so far, it's going OK.

:: I've wandered into the online dating pool again. I'm trying to use a different outlook this time around so I don't hate it and quit within a month. I've had a few good interactions and even some decent dates. Nothing significant yet, but ... progress is progress. 

:: Related to the last two items, I recognized a guy from my office workout program among my online dating matches. The old me would have tried to find a way to covertly read his profile without him knowing and just hope he'd message me. But that's not what I did. Nope. Without hesitation, I typed out a quick message and hit "send" before I could second guess myself. He didn't answer, but that's OK. And it'll only be weird in our fitness class if he makes it weird, right?

:: I struck up a conversation with a different attractive guy from my office workout program. I've actually noticed him for the past few months, but didn't feel like I had anything to say to him. Now, we can at least commiserate over our workout soreness.

These probably still seem like very tame actions, but for me they are bold moves. They are things the old me would have shied away from. Even though none of them have resulted in huge life changes, I've gained a little confidence with each opportunity. I look forward to seeing what else I can do.

What have you done recently to test your comfort zone?


  1. It's a tough thing to do when you haven't done it before, step outside your comfort zone. But baby steps are good! And you start to experience things you never thought you would. Good for you for getting back out there in online dating--even better for just addressing the awkwardness of being matched with someone in your workout group, haha! Better to just point it out now than ignore it and have it become more awkward :) I've recently started dating someone again, who I met online, and whom I also went into the first date with really low expectations because of all the craziness I've dealt with in the past. I was totally wrong about everything and things couldn't be better right now!! It's been a really great change to know that there *are* good guys out there, and I feel like this year could be your year if you stick to just taking baby steps out into the uncomfort zone :)

  2. I love this! And I love the things you are doing outside of your comfort zone. I need to do some things because life is starting to get a little stale.


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