Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Reads, Vol. 61

While talking with the young woman in her life, Karen had a revelation about kick-ass women in films. Check out her list of characters. Would you add any?

It shouldn't be such an anomaly to be nice. We also shouldn't have to tell people to be kind. But it just seems to be so rare these days. Rachel cited a few simple examples of how to be nice.

Sarah spoke straight to my heart. And possibly for me. Her post about emotions and reactions was on point for battles I constantly fight. Earlier in the week, she also wrote about things that send her into panic. I related to too many items on her list.

I am working harder to find balance this year, and sometimes that means saying "no." Cait provides insight about why it's OK to decline things sometimes.

Joey has been killing it lately with her posts. This week, she talked about mistakes and failures and about how too often we let fear hold us back.

Have a great Saturday!



  1. You are too sweet! Thank you for always sharing such an interesting and meaningful collection of posts!! <3. Can't wait to read the others you shared!

  2. Once again, I am honored to be in such amazing company! Thank you! And I'm glad you enjoyed my post.


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