Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stuff & Things 2/18

:: I'm getting closer and closer to having my next novel ready to publish. I have another round of hard edits to complete, and I need to have that done by mid-March because that's when the cover design will begin. I'm working with two fantastic friends -- Ali and Stacie -- to bring my characters into a solid visual. We have some good concept ideas, and now it's just finding convincing my cover models. The male character is really the key, but I think I've found him. And when I sent some photos of him to a friend, she sent me back the image below.  Ha ha ha. If/when you see his arms, you'll understand.

:: Mondays are usually terrible, but I was in a fantastic mood as I went about my day. I can't even say why for sure I was in such high spirits, but I don't really care. It's best not to question that ... just enjoy it.  That evening, I headed off to my favorite fitness class, ready and eager to shake my booty.  I took my spot, and there was room for one person next to me.  Well, two girls decided they would "squeeze in" there. I advised them that there really wasn't room for two, but they said they didn't want to be separated. I tried to make the best of it, but I found it hard to enjoy the workout when I was getting crowded and stepped on. And she was glaring at me like it was my fault. I was so angry and frustrated, I nearly started crying. So I left the class after 20 minutes (it's an hour-long class), and hit the treadmill. I'm still mad as I think about it, and I hate that I let those two girls ruin my day and my workout.  What would you have done?

:: I enjoy my job, but some days just aren't that fun. Sometimes, the best part of my workday is lunch. That's when I get to see my eye candy. I've actually started referring to him and his posse as Dessert (only to myself and a few close friends, of course) because they are all pretty decent to look at.

:: My 20s were not the best decade for my friendships. I wasn't certain about very many people in my life (although at times, I thought I was), and I really longed to find good friends I could count on. Women who would be my cheerleaders and my reality check. Finally, I think I've found a solid core group of those people, and I love our time together.

:: Speaking of my girls, someone who graduated a year behind me in high school was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. She's a mother of three, and one of the sweetest people I know.  I never ask for prayers, but if you've got some to spare, please send them to Katie and her family.

:: Rangers pitchers and catchers report to Arizona today. I am so ready for baseball to be back in my life.

What's on your mind this week?



  1. How terrible about your friend. Many good thoughts to her and her family.

    That zumba thing peeves me. Once some girl squeezed herself in next to me where there was not room and ended up spraining her ankle because she threw herself into a wall. I would have been really frustrated and left also. Why do you have to be next to someone? It's a freaking exercise class. Split up and talk later.

  2. Space in gym classes are tricky. Most people have the good sense to not sidle right up to someone, but I've been in classes where the instructor has spaced people out and filled in gaps.


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