Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Reads, Vol. 67

Maybe you noticed I didn't post much this past week. Or maybe you didn't notice. Either way, I just needed a little break. I'm not sure I'll be posting much in this next week either. We'll see how I'm feeling.

Sometimes I struggle to keep my energy and focus at work. Helene has some great tips for staying alert during the day. I'm definitely going to try a few of them. She also enlightens us on the Instagram changes (which I hate) and how you can improve your Insta game.

I am guilty of putting other people ahead of myself. I like Rena's advice on looking out for number one. Because if I don't take care of me, who will?

At work, most of the people I talk to are quite a bit younger. Which sometimes makes me feel old. Taylor has more examples of things that make her feel old AF. I nodded at too many of the things she listed.

I hope everyone's having a great Sunday!


  1. Thanks so much for including me! some great reads this week :)

  2. I totally understand the need to step back from blogging. I hope you're doing okay. Breaks are good sometimes!


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