Monday, March 21, 2016

Music Monday: Kate Voegele - "Just Watch Me"

Kate Voegele has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I liked her even before she showed up on "One Tree Hill," though I love that she now tours regularly with Tyler Hilton (another musician I liked before he joined the cast) and they just had a huge OTH reunion earlier this month in North Carolina.

But back to Kate's music. So many of her songs have caught me and fit in with things I was thinking or feeling. This track from her latest EP falls right in line with that.

Here's the first verse and the chorus:

Made a lot of mistakes,
Fell in love for love's sake
I gave my heart to Jesus
Just to take it back and tear it to pieces
I spent an awful long time
Speaking words that weren't mine
I'm over starting over
Riding on a broken down roller coaster
I know better, but I never learn, oh yeah

Everybody's telling me who I ought to be
Who I'm not and where I gotta be
The last thing I need are voices in my head
No, not me
I don't even know yet who I wanna be
I got miles and miles in front of me
And all that I can see are the mountains up ahead
And I won't let them stop me,
I'm going up, just watch me


  1. I fell in love with Kate on OTH (so happy still to this day I saw her and Tyler Hilton live) but never kept up with her much after the show. I'm excited to know she has new music, I can't wait to check it out - cause I'm loving what I hear above.

  2. Oh, I love Kate Voegele! She was so much fun on OTH! Great song!


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