Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Reads, Vol. 69

This has been a fantastic weekend. I know some people hate recaps, but I just feel the need to share what all I've done the past few days.

Friday night, I saw Parachute, Jon McLaughlin, and Brynn Elliott live. I even got photos with almost everyone who took the stage that night. Of course, I was most excited about meeting Will Anderson from Parachute. I became enamored with him recently, I think because of his blue eyes.  Seriously ... look at them:

It was a GREAT show even though Will's voice had been giving him trouble for the last few days. It was my third time seeing Jon, and I could probably watch him play piano for hours and not get bored. He's so fantastically talented. Brynn Elliott was new to me, but I plan on looking her up on iTunes.

Saturday, I ran my first ever 8K, worked at the brewery, and then went to my first ever Barnstormers game. I was pretty close for the game. Almost too close at times.

Today, I got to sleep in a little, and now I'm sitting here with a breve (my favorite coffee drink) from my favorite local coffee shop. Even better, when I went to get said drink (and a muffin), one of my brewery co-workers was working and she wouldn't let me pay for my goods. After several attempts, I gave her a $5 tip. I'm finishing up some book edits this morning (they seem neverending) and working at the library this afternoon.

Hopefully your weekend is going just as well.

Time to get to the point though. Here's a round-up of reads from this past week.

I loved Helene's analogy about how blogging is like going to a music festival. I'm familiar with both things, and she absolutely nailed it.

Taylor offered a good reminder about dog etiquette. Never assume someone else's pet wants to "just saying hi." This goes for humans or your pets. I can't tell you how many times friends of mine have had random kids run up to their dogs and the parents just think it's OK.  Spoiler alert: IT'S NOT!!

My friend Rena tried floating therapy to deal with stress and a few other things. I must admit I'm intrigued.

I identified too much with Jenn's post entitled, "Victor vs. Victim." I have a bad habit of letting things get to me and playing the "poor me" card. After reading Jenn's post, I really thought about it and the things her husband said that helped turn her around a bit, and I'm going to keep it in mind next time I start getting down about life's happenings.

Infertility and depression are subjects not discussed enough. I know many people who have suffered from either or both silently, feeling isolated. I'm so proud of Jana for speaking out about her own experiences with them. 

Christy tells J.K. Rowling to stop ruining Harry Potter. I'm a new fan of the franchise, but I completely agree.

Jess offers her thoughts on the debate over unisex bathrooms. She raises some very good points about why all the uproar is ridiculous.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the Harry Potter post. That was a good one! And floating therapy? I'm intrigued!


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